The tea and healing room is situated in North Sydney
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Rare Organic Chinese Tea

A chance to taste the rarest Chinese teas available in Sydney with a selection of tea delights both savoury and sweet that anyone gluten intolerant
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Healing and Happiness

Healing and Happiness

These vary from hands on energy clearing and delivery to profound cutting edge technology for immune system enhancement with cellular energy
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Meditation and Gong Rituals

Meditation and Gong Rituals

Tea  Afternoon For a selection of tea savoury and sweet treats Served in the Gong fu tea ceremony
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Products for Health

Products for Health

Our minerals are made using 99.999% pure electrodes hooked up with a 15 000 volt transformer. The plasma-arc that can result from this energy creates a particle

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Healing Modalities

True-rife Machine

Omni Pulse 3 PEMF

The Magneter

The Mobile Pro


High Tea and Tea Tastings

Tiane He regularly welcomes visitors and guests to our relaxing space upstairs in Crows Nest. We provide special versions of authentic Tea Ceremonies, including food options.

Music, Gong and Meditation

Modern gong rituals every few months, with gong bath meditation, ambient music and tea.

Muscle Testing Evenings

Learn different techniques to muscle check on yourself and others, and how to use it to access your body’s inner wisdom, test for allergies or food sensitivities and debug any blocks to accurate muscle checking.

An introduction to healing devices and minerals

We welcome you to come and find out more about the devices and technologies available. Tiane He facilitates occasional evenings or afternoon descriptions of our healing devices, along with explanations and trial experiences.

All Products and devices are experimental. No medical or other claims are made, No diagnosis is made or inferred and all is done with goodwill and the aim to possibly assist to create balance, relaxation and  harmony

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