The tea and healing room is situated in North Sydney
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:Kent-Andrew: Steedman.

Tea is a journey from nature, to the nature of your-self.
Tea , Pulsing , Rife, Readings, Access bars

Kent has had first hand experience of Chinese tea plantations, and the way in which tea leaves are prepared from the Anhui and Fujian regions in central SW of China. It began in the Dabei temple situated in the Anhui region , where he learnt and studied green tea being picked and prepared by hand in the old traditional way. By working with the local people and monks his knowledge of tea and his palette improved. The journey then led to the Wu-Yi mountains in Fujian to study the aspects of Oolong tea

As a result, Kent serves fine Gonfu tea ceremonies in the Tian He tea Room, a taste experience not to be missed, simply savored. A pleasurable journey into rare teas that possess very spiritual and healing qualities in themselves unmatched by any normal commercial tea products.

Previous to tea, music has been his major inspiration from which he has made a spiritual connections with sound. Through playing live music for 3 decades , he grasped the concept of getting out of the way.
This has been the basis of his later musical and healing expression.

“Like music, tea assists the intuition and engages all the senses ..The Tea of our tea room is a meditation in itself.”

He is involved with music and sound and the vibrations which energize our energy centers . Kent has worked with pulsed electro-magnetic field technology  (PEMF )and Rife technologies for the last few years, observing benefit from the assistance it gives the body.

Further, he is influenced by mystical connections to nature as well as meditation. He has studied  healing  in Oregon and spent time on the Crow nation lands in Montana .

This eclectic combination of Kent’s experience in many art forms and learning offers a powerful form of healing in itself, and very importantly an enjoyable experience.



Yukari has trained in and teaches Reiki from the source of Reiki in Japan, with over  has 17 years experience. She also does bush flower essences and Egyptian card readings and works with the natural farming system from Japan  She is here each Monday.


Energy Kinesiology

Michael has been involved with meditation and healing since his teenage years. Having studied a number of modalities, Michael brings a knowledge, wisdom and compassion to his sessions providing practical techniques. Touch for Health, Kinergetics, Energy Kinesiology, Reiki, Massage, Theta Healing, Serenity Healing, DNA Healing, NLP hypnosis are areas he has studied

His main focus is Energy Kinesiology, and incorporating elements of the other modalities to enhance health and wellness. Stress, immune function, adrenal issues, emotional issues, electromagnetic stress are some of the areas that can be covered.

He is available by appointment most days.

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