The tea and healing room is situated in North Sydney
Please call 0404566323 for details

Tea meditation with Kent

Cost: $20 per person

Gluten Free Tea served Gong fu style

Cost: $50 per person

  • With a selection of gluten free savoury and sweet treats

Tea Tasting and Appreciation

Cost: $40 (Minimum 3 Guests)

including snacks that suit…call for times

  1. Premium Green Teas (Four teas from different parts of China)

    • Buddha Hand
    • Xingyang Maojing-
    • Selenium enriched green
    • Long Jing/Dragon Well
  2. Premium Oolong Teas (Three premium rare Oolongs)

    • Royal Rougui
    • Golden Goddess of Mercy
    • Narcisus Winter Harvest
  3. Premium Black (Red) Tea

    • Original plantation Lapsang Souchong
    • Keeman Hu
    • Taiwan red
    • 20year old Pu’er tea

Modern Gong Ritual

Cost: $25    Concession $20

  • Gong meditation, guitars  and ambient sounds live with tea
  • Ambience with attitude
  • Tri-monthly to be advised

Visit Modern Gong Ritual on you tube or my space