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Tian He Tea Tour

Sydney, Shanghai, Jiu Hua, Mt Wu Yi, Mt-Hangzhou, Shanghai, Sydney.

Tour date: Mid to late April (exact dates subject to change)
Duration: 14 days (Limited to 12 people)
Tour cost: $5280 (this price may change up or down depending on airfares)
Single room supplement: $600

Minimum deposit: $1500 (refundable until 30 days prior to departure)
Tour cost includes: Roundtrip airfare from Sydney to China, all local travel, all meals, all hotels, all entry fees to events/museums

Tour cost does not include: Australian travel to and from Sydney, visas, tips. Land only price available for people from outside Australia wishing to join us or for those who wish to take a separate airfare (please email for details).

Our tour will focus on traditional, handmade Chinese green tea and some of Chinas best oolong tea. We will guide you through two green tea provinces  Zhejiang and Anhui  which are home to teas like Jiuhua Buddha tea, Long Jing, Liu An Gua Pian, Tai Ping Hou Kui, Huang Shan Mao Feng and many other favorite green teas We will also guide you through Fujian province, home to Wuyi Mt. rock oolong tea. The itinerary is a guide to the possibilities, there will be plenty of free and solo time if you please to.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Sydney to Shanghai
You arrive in Shanghai, the biggest city of China, late in the evening of the first day. Rest up!

Day 2: Shanghai to Jiu Hua Mountain
Well travel to An Hui Province, homeland of some famous Chinese green tea from Jiu Hua Mountain, a Buddhist sacred mountain in south China, and stay at Dabei temple retreat, Dawei and Armands temple for the next few days

Day 3: Jiu Hua Mountain
Enjoy the peaceful life at Dabei temple and help pick, prepare and taste the new harvest 2011 tea

Day 4: Jiu Hua Mountain
Climb and walk on top of Jiu Hua Range (more than 1000 meters high) to visit some of the great Buddhist temples and study Jiu Hua Buddha tea.

Day 5: Jiu Hua Mountain
Taiping Lake day trip  to study Tai Ping Hou Kui, one of the ten best teas in China. The scenery of this area is amazing and exhilarating!

Day 6: Jiu Hua Mountain
Yellow Mountain day trip  The most famous Chinese mountain! A must see for all the visitors to China. The Yellow Mt Mao Feng, is the third most famous tea in China.

Day 7: Jiu Hua Mountain
Tea ceremony, Chinese culture lecture and Buddhist meditation.

Day 8: Jiu Hua Mountain to Wu Yi Mountain (Da Hong Pao, Big Red Robe)
Today we’ll travel to Wu Yi mountain to study Da Hong Pao the most famous rock oolong in China. We will take you to see Da Hong Pao’s mother bush, which is over 350 years old in a special park. We will also tour Wu Yi Mountain, which is home to China’s rock oolongs

Day 9: Meet Tea Master (Traditional Rock Oolong Tea)
From his garden to his workshop, Master will show you the entire process of picking and producing traditional rock oolong teas. He will teach how different bushes, soils, roasting techniques, and grades all yield different flavors of oolong. Come thirsty…we’ll taste a lot of tea today!

Day 10: Daytrip to Tong Mu Village (Lapsang Souchong Black Tea)
We’ll take a break from oolongs to visit Tong Mu Village, nestled in the Tong Mu Natural Preserve, which is the home of Lapsang Souchong. You’ll meet the family who has been responsible for authentic Lapsang Souchong for many generations, and see a 100-year-old tea factory constructed entirely of wood. You’ll learn why this tea is smoky and have an opportunity to witness the whole process of making this special tea, starting with the famous black tea bush, the “Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong,” in the family’s wild tea garden.

Day 11: Tour Wu Yi Mountain
Today we’ll relax and enjoy some of the culture around Wu Yi Mountain. We’ll visit the temple where people believe that oolong tea was invented, and ride in a bamboo boat to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. On the boat, you’ll have a chance to absorb the scenery and learn why this particular area is so well suited for oolong tea. Then we’ll visit an ancient kiln where the original Mo Cha tea bowls were produced. Mo Cha is a powdered green tea popular during the Tang and Song Dynasties, when it was drunk in a bowl. After a visit to a local teahouse, We will show you how to relax, Chinese-style and you’ll have a chance to shop for local products.

Day 12: Wu Yi Mountain to Hangzhou
We’ll leave Wu Yi Mountain and make a move to Hangzhou, a beautiful city that’s popular with Chinese and foreign tourists alike. You’ll stay in a hotel near West Lake. You’ll visit our widely respected Shi Feng Long Jing master, and witness the tea harvest at his gardens. Then it’s off to the Hangzhou Tea Museum to meet a famous tea master from the International Tea Culture Institute.

Day 13: Daytrip around West Lake in Hangzhou (Temples and Silk)
Today we’ll visit other parts of West Lake, one of the most famous lakes in China, which has an ancient Buddhist temple and pagoda, to learn about how tea and Buddhism are intertwined. In the afternoon, we will guide you through the wholesale silk market and Song Dynasty streets.

Day 14: Shanghai Drive-By
It’s time to go home. We’ll board the bus in the morning and head back to Shanghai. We’ll tour this modern city, time permitting, visit a teahouse or museum before heading for the airport.

Day15: Arrive in Sydney.
The plane will arrive back in Sydney around 8:30am.

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