The tea and healing room is situated in North Sydney
Please call 0404566323 for details

Hello again, this years Dabei Temple Buddha Hand green tea is here and ready for drinking and purchase. This green tea is subtle with all the benefits associated with green tea but clean and sublime in nature. This tea gently fills the who;e mouth over a couple of rounds and opens the pathways to clearer intuition. The inner feeling is a benefit of this green tea in the way it calms yet focusses knowing.
Please indicate your interest in the upcoming Dabei green tea afternoon, or morning.I have 6 years of tea from the same place so learn ,share and taste and feel the difference year to year. A great journey, This tea is nutlike most green teas in that it last years happily defying the thinking that green tea loses taste and energy after a year – thats just crappy tea folks.None of Tian he’s tea has that outcome. So this green tea ceremony can be done anytime for groups of 3 to 6 people booked in advance. Definitely my preferred green tea. A specific date will otherwise be posted soon.

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