The tea and healing room is situated in North Sydney
Please call 0404566323 for details

There is a selection of  treatments available at Tian he  healing

These vary from hands on energy clearing and delivery to profound cutting edge technology for immune system enhancement with cellular energy harmonisation and emotional release.

Omni Pulse 3:

PEMF -Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for pain relief, cellular voltage and replication enhancement, neural pathway stimulation and general energy boost. Feeling a bit run down? Try 15 minutes and you will remember what is it like to feel vibrant and enthusiastic again.

True-Rife machine:

Specific frequency generation through plasma bulbs or  foot bath, Energise or detox. Programs from 5 minutes to 6 hours based on Royal Raymond Rife’s research. Uplift, harmonise or detox.

The Magneter:

A similar approach  to the rife machine but with a different delivery system. Specific frequency sets pulsed from CD into a bio resonance mat. Relaxing and enhancing.


A well known healing modality, with concise and effective practitioner work, involving the intuitive body and muscle testing.

Switches Activation:

A  five minute hands on treatment to turn the switches on , unblocking the flow in the meridian energy channels. It enables the correct movement of energy through the legs and upper body to create an almost instant feeling of  well-being and  stress relief in the body and mind.

Energy Healing:

Hands on help to create life how you want it to be energetically. Relax and remember who you really are and what really counts. Can include any of the above modalities in combination with what it is correct now.


Tune in, tune out, these treatment modalities can all be combined in any way desired with discussion and awareness.

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