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Electromagnetic Pulsing
How Does it Work?

All living cells within the body possess potentials between the inner and outer membrane of the cell, which, under normal healthy circumstances, are fixed. Different cells, e.g. Muscle cells and Nerve cells, have different potentials of about -70 mV respectively. When cells are damaged, these potentials change such that the balance across the membrane changes, causing the attraction of positive sodium ions into the cell and negative trace elements and proteins out of the cell. The net result is that liquid is attracted into the interstitial area and swelling or edema ensues.

The application of pulsed magnetic fields has, through research findings, been shown to help the body to restore normal potentials at an accelerated rate, thus aiding the healing of most wounds and reducing swelling faster.

PAIN REDUCTION is another area in which pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been shown to be very effective. Pain signals are transmitted along nerve cells to pre-synaptic terminals. At these terminals, channels in the cell alter due to a movement of ions. The membrane potential changes, causing the release of a chemical transmitter from a synaptic vesicle contained within the membrane. The pain signal is chemically transferred across the synaptic gap to chemical receptors on the post synaptic nerve cell. This all happens in about 1/2000th of a second, as the synaptic gap is only 20 to 50 n.-meter wide. As the pain signal, in chemical form, approaches the post synaptic cell, the membrane changes and the signal is transferred. If we look at the voltages across the synaptic membrane then, under no pain conditions, the level is about -70 mV. When the pain signal approaches, the membrane potential increases to approximately +30 mV, allowing a sodium flow. This in turn triggers the synaptic vesicle to release the chemical transmitter and so transfer the pain signal across the synaptic gap or cleft. After the transmission, the voltage reduces back to its normal quiescent level until the next pain signal arrives.

The application of pulsed magnetism to painful sites causes the membrane to be lowered to a hyper-polarization level of about -90 mV. When a pain signal is detected, the voltage must now be raised to a relatively higher level in order to fire the synaptic vesicles.

Source: Lecture abstract of 28-01-1995, Dr. D. C. Laycock, Ph.D. Med. Eng. MBES, MIPEM, B.Ed. (Hons Phys. Sc.). Consultant Clinical Engineer, Westville Associates and Consultants (UK).

Beneficial Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Bassett CA. Bioelectric Research Center, Columbia University, Riverdale, New York 10463.

Selective control of cell function by applying specifically configured, weak, time-varying magnetic fields has added a new, exciting dimension to biology and medicine. Field parameters for therapeutic, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMFs) were designed to induce voltages similar to those produced, normally, during dynamic mechanical deformation of connective tissues. As a result, a wide variety of challenging musculoskeletal disorders have been treated successfully over the past two decades.

More than a quarter million patients with chronically un-united fractures have benefitted, worldwide, from this surgically non-invasive method, without risk, discomfort, or the high costs of operative repair. Many of the athermal bioresponses, at the cellular and subcellular levels, have been identified and found appropriate to correct or modify the pathologic processes for which PEMFs have been used. Not only is efficacy supported by these basic studies but by a number of double-blind trials.

As understanding of mechanisms expands, specific requirements for field energetics are being defined and the range of treatable ills broadened. These include nerve regeneration, wound healing, graft behavior, diabetes, and myocardial and cerebral ischemia (heart attack and stroke), among other conditions. Preliminary data even suggest possible benefits in controlling malignancy.

Source: J Cell Biochem 1993 Apr; 51(4):387-93

Pain and disease begin when conditions cause the capillary pores to dilate and allow the escape of significant quantities of blood proteins into the cellular area. This crowding of the proteins attracts fluid (inflammation), causes pain, and deprives some of the cells in the area of proper oxygen and nutrients, resulting in poor cellular functioning. These malfunctioning cells, if not carried away and disposed of by the lymphatic system, begin to destroy healthy cells and may keep proliferating into cancer or re-enter the bloodstream and cause leukemia.

If the lymphatic system completely fails to function and these blood proteins become trapped throughout the body, death can occur within hours.

According to Dr. C. Sarnuel West, chemist and internationally recognized lymphologist, trapped blood proteins are the one common denominator present in all pain and disease…

In citing circumstances which can cause trapped blood proteins, Dr. West lists the following: shallow breathing, improper exercise, shock, stress, anger, fear , liquor, tobacco, drugs, bad salt, sugar, fat, high-cholesterol food, too much meat and others.

Many years of research and clinical application have shown that the simple introduction of a magnetic field can provide stimulation and enhancement of the lymphatic system, as well as every cell within the body. The magnetic field does not heal; it merely aids the cells in creating an optimum environment in which the body can begin to heal itself. Between the circulatory, lymphatic and neurological effects, outstanding advances in health can be obtained.

The pulsing device, Omni Pulse 3 used in Tian He appears to cover all frequencies and voltages therefore assisting in pain reduction.

“Waiver: Tian He Healing Arts uses experimental modalities and technology to assist in raising energy. All help is granted with care and compassion.Due to the experimental nature of the work no claims are made.The user assumes all risk and agrees to hold harmless and without fault anyone from Tian-he-healing-arts for any reason by the using of the equipment and modalities.”

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