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mobile-pro-for-kent-website2Mobile Phone, Computer, Tablet and Wi-Fi protection.
The Mobile Pro is designed to help protect from electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile and cordless phones, tablets, computers, Wi-Fi routers and other wireless equipment.

Unlike other products that try to lower the radiation effects, the Mobile Pro may assist to strengthen the body so it adapts to forms of radiation and stress, so over time the body can naturally manage the stresses.

It may also assist in the energising of water and help the body to manage day to day stress.


There are a number of ways to use the Mobile Pro:

You can permanently attach it to your device by peeling the backing from the adhesive and sticking it directly onto the device.  This option means the Mobile Pro should not be removed after sticking.

If you have a phone or tablet cover you can place the Mobile Pro inside the cover so it is between the phone and the cover without sticking. This allows you to remove and use on other devices.

To energise water, place Mobile Pro face up on table or benchtop and stand glass or jug of water on the Mobile Pro for a minute.

To help manage day to day stress, carry Mobile Pro in wallet, purse or pocket.

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