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The Magneter is a bio resonance (PEMF) device developed in Hungary. It works on the principle of magnetic impulse frequency, that bacteria and viruses have their own resonant frequencies making them vulnerable to pulses of specific frequencies that cause no harm to others in the body. Magnetic therapy dilates the blood vessels therefore potentially relieving joint and muscular pain, regenerating the skin and bone tissue and harmonising the nervous system. This optimises the body’s self regenerating processes
“A dvd of frequencies aligned to harmonise the specific challenge is used and fed into the bio resonance mat. It is a relaxing and powerful device , non invasive and you can sleep if desired while the energy goes into the body.”
The Magneter is a great addition to the modalities here at Tian He  and the feedback is encouraging from those who have used it and benefited.


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“Waiver: Tian He Healing Arts uses experimental modalities and technology to assist in raising energy. All help is granted with care and compassion.Due to the experimental nature of the work no claims are made. The user assumes all risk and agrees to hold harmless and without fault anyone from Tian-he-healing-arts for any reason by the using of the equipment and modalities.”

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