The tea and healing room is situated in North Sydney
Please call 0404566323 for details

True-Rife Ion Foot Bath


per session

The Magneter


full session (More than 30 Minutes)
$50 for under 30 mins

Magneter/ True -Rife together


$110 per session

Energy Healing and Reiki


full session

Electro-magnetic Pulsing


full session
$40 for a 15 minute recharge

Wavemaker session


full session

Emotional Cleansing


Under 10 minutes

True-Rife Technology


full session
$55  up to 60 minutes

$30 up to 30 mins

Psychic Reading


for each 15 mins
$30 for each 15 mins

Package Deal 1


Tea ceremony combined with True-rife and Pulsing treatments. Allow at least 120  minutes.

Package Deal 2


Short Pulsing  and Rife or Magneter(under 60 minutes)  with Tea

Package Deal 3


Full session of  Pulsing and True-rife with Reading, Switches and  Tea.

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