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Colloidal Sea Minerals

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Why are minerals of such importance?

Minerals can create a healthy environment in which the body, using vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, can grow, function and heal itself.

Lacking any minerals can lead to degenerative diseases of many kinds as well as a breakdown of the cell regeneration and growth process, which leads to the loss of the cells themselves. This can lead to nervous disorders, muscle damage, brain damage or illness. A deficiency of minerals has been traced to low energy,  de-hydration, cancer, unnecessary aging, obesity, loss of memory, immune system dysfunction, fragile teeth and bones.

Some vitamins can only be made available to the body if minerals are present to work with. Vitamins alone have been found ineffective in the absence of minerals. These Sea Minerals have been used to help with insomnia and in hydration of the body.

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2 reviews for Colloidal Sea Minerals

  1. Elizabeth Lloyd

    Also since taking orally this colloidal magnesium, my sleep quality and quantity have improved considerably as I take 3mL-5mL before going to bed.

  2. Nathan

    I use these sea minerals every morning upon rising and every night before bed in conjunction with Stabilised Oxygen, I find that the minerals keep me hydrated through the night and the oxygen gives me energy from the moment I open my eyes of a morning!
    Thank Kent, love your work!

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