The tea and healing room is situated in North Sydney
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Global Pulse Colloidal Elements

Our minerals are made using 99.999% pure electrodes hooked up with a 15 000 volt transformer. The plasma-arc that can result from this energy creates a particle size in the nano-meter range leading to a greater ability for the absorption of the nutrient by the cell.

The distilled water base is also energized, helping the particular mineral with its ability to boost the immune-system and align the energy in the body.

Our elements are made with focus, care and love to help the cells maintain their optimal level of function. This energy may then assist to remedy challenges of the body, mind and spirit.


These fine Colloidal Elements are available in our shop and also at BJ’s Bondi Junction market every Second Thursday 9 to 5.

Also stocked at Newport Health Foods, Sprout Wholefoods and Little Bay Organics in Sydney
or buy off the shop here.

We can also post them to you with bank transfer