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About Green Tea

Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing and is well known for its many health benefits. It can help remove toxins and strengthen the immune system while also lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Green tea may help prevent cancer and reduce cavities It reduces stress and helps those with diabetes balance blood sugar levels. Green tea can help to decide on something without being caught in the emotions around it. While good for the organs, those with heart conditions may want to use caution in consuming green tea.

Green Tea Menu

Buddha Hand

$15 for each guest

This tea is grown at Dabei temple in Anhui province on Tian He’s own tea bushes. Picked and fully prepared by hand with care it has a refreshing taste that moves further down the tongue with each sip giving the body a feeling of relaxation but keeping the mouth lively and enchanted.

Jiuhua Premium Green  (Buddha Hand)

$10 for each guest

This is a refined tea from a higher altitude than Dabei in the Jiuhua mountain area .It has a  more complex aroma and lingers slightly longer on the tongue. This tea is a great introduction for those wanting to learn the tastes and nature of premium Chinese green tea of this quality.

Dragon Well  (Long Jing)

$25 for each guest

This is the most famous of China’s green teas. It is named as suggested after a legend of someone seeing a Dragon circling a high well. From Haungzhou province it is naturally low in caffeine with a fresh lingering aftertaste with hints of chestnut. Very limited supply. Very  profound experience.

China Green Tea

$6 for each guest

A simple nutritious tea to enjoy.

Selenium Enriched Green Tea

$10 for each guest

This green tea comes from the selenium-enriched tea production base in Anhui Province,. This tea is slim in look, rich and long lasting in smell, mellow and refreshing in taste, with a yellowish-green and bright color in water. Selenium is an essential element in the body for increased vigoras it has anti-oxidant properties. It can assists thyroid function, delay the aging process, improve the function of the immune system and clear away internal toxic materials.

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