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Imperial Da Hong Pao

$25 per 10g

Tender and yet strong leaves are very well processed into even curly strips. The leaves are a dark color with deep brownish-green touch at their edges A warm and sweet roasted aroma combined with layers of a creamy, floral and raw cacao hint. Predominance of  fresh honey with a sweet and deep rose hint in the back flavor. Then, after opening up the tea shows its high-key orchid like flowery aroma.

The nose allows the unique mineral feeling to unfold combined with the typical astringent flavor to enchant each taste bud.

Premium Rou Gui

$25 per 30g

A classic in the Wu Yi  oolong tea family. Rou Gui has always be one of the favourites of Chinese tea drinkers for its good tea taste and lovely fruity and spicy profile Strong and thick leaves are nicely rolled into strips, The tea has a reddish dark color combined with a greenish touch.

It shows a warm roasted bakery aroma accompanied by some cacao spice. Strong and pleasant, this tea combines that taste with a compact cinnamon flavor.

It also gives a creamy, bitter-sweet and finishes with a subtle floral taste. Full-bodied, good tea taste while remaining quite oily with a good length.

Premium Shui Xian

$25 per 30g

Right from the beginning, this Wu Yi Shui Xian shows that it is processed the traditional way. The dry leaves feature a sweet and acidic fragrance and have a nice coat of white frost all over. After a quick wash, the dark leaves turn to a very dark green showing that they have undergone a more heavy fermentation and baking. This leaves a hint of acidity and charcoal in the sweet fragrant.

The tea liquor is light amber with a medium thick and acidic texture and shows a very nice and natural flowery fragrance after 2 or 3 brews.
This tea leaves a long and sweet aftertaste with a fresh sensation.

This Wu Yi Shui Xian was heavily fermented and baked with Charcoal thus making it an oolong fit to be stored for a few years. When storing oolong tea with the thought of opening it a few years later, it is best to use a porcelain canister and make sure it is airtight. We do not recommend to using a Yi Xing canister as those are porous and in just a few months, or a year, the tea will have lost a lot of fragrance.

Premium An Xi Tie Guan Yin

$12 per 10g

Tie Guan Yin is the most famous tea bush in Anxi City, which lies in Fujian Province. “Tie”meaning “iron”, refers to density of this tightly twisted tea or its dark oxidized color. It is a common Chinese habit to describe heavy objects with this term “Guan Yin” is the name of the Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion who, according to legend, appeared in a dream of Wei Yin, a devout Buddhist tea farmer living during the early 18th century. In the dream, Guan Yin told Wei Yin to look in the cave behind the local shrine. There he found a single tea shoot, which he planted and cultivated into the mother bush for Anxi citys most famous variety of tea.

Tea from this legendary cultivar of tea bush has since been known as Tie Guan Yin. Although oolong tea made from Tie Guan Yin tea bushes has long been popular, the style in which it is produced has changed considerably over the years. With the introduction of Taiwanese processing techniques in the mid 1990s and rising popularity of lighter roasted and less oxidized teas during this decade, the finished leaf of Tie Guan Yin has shifted in appearance from dark brown, flat and leafy to light green and tightly rolled.

Our Old Style Tie Guan Yin is, in part, a throw back to the way this tea was produced before the beginning of this century. The “Old Style” professionally referred to as “Long Xiang Xing”or “concentrated aroma style” makes good use of medium to heavy oxidation and charcoal roasting in contrast to the newer, greener and lighter roasted Qing Xiang Xing”or light aroma style”.

The processing involves 3 to 4 periods of roasting at least 15 hours.

This technique creates a stable tea with a balanced roasted flavor immediately noticeable on the first infusion. It is said that real” oolong fans in China appreciate this stronger roasted flavor.

Although this tea doesn’t retain the traditional flat shape of Long Xiang Xing, it offers a stunning example of Tie Guan Yins classic flavor profile. With its style becoming something of a rarity on the Anxi market, we like to think of this tea as a bit of a tribute to the old school and the seasoned tea drinker who remembers the days when this teas rich body and aftertaste were higher prized than a flowery aroma.

Premium Lapsang Souchong

$15 per 10g

This smoky Lapsang Souchong is the most popular and familiar Lapsang tea. It comes directly from the original Lapsang Farm in the WuYi Mountains.

This tea is crafted with the same traditional techniques used hundreds of years ago. Lapsang Souchong is the tea made famous by the British royal family.

Fragrance :

Delicate and smoky with hints of dry fruit.

Liquor :

Medium thick and sweet. Beautiful amber hue with a good clarity.

Taste :

The initial strong smokiness will decrease as the liquor gives some cocoa undertones and dry red fruits. With a sweet and long finish, the aftertaste builds up nicely during each brew.

Storage Recommendation :

medium to long term storage.

Brewing Guidelines:

0.5 tbs tea per 20 oz 100°C water for 2 minutes, at least 5 times.

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