The tea and healing room is situated in North Sydney
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Royal Rougui (Cinnamon)

$10 for each guest

This tea is often referred to as cinnamon Wuyi tea. It does have a spicy presentation which is where it gets the name. This is a smooth and pleasant grade of the tea and offers up a sweet sensation.

Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy)

$10 for each guest

This tea is known for its digestive properties. It has an amber-hued liquor with a mild taste yet fully developed aroma. This is a tea that can be consumed by diabetics.

Wuyi Cliff Tea

$6 for each guest

This tea grows in sandy soil on rocks shrouded by clouds at elevation in Wuyi mountains. Like all our tea it is grown without artificial fertilizer, instead absorbing its nutrients and life force from the natural elements surrounding it.

Gold King Shui Xian (Narsissus)

$20 for each guest

Shui Xian is a very popular variety of Oolong tea and is one of favourites among gonfu tea drinkers. This legendary tea was made from certain select tea bushes reserved for the emperor (later the communist party elite). Only 6 kilograms of this tea are produced each year.

Gold Rougui (Cinnamon)

$20 for each guest

A warm and sweet tea with cassia bark aromatics that profoundly captivate you before you even taste the tea. The infusion produces cups of strong amber coloured liquid that cover the palate.

Premium Shui Xian (Narsissus)

$10 for each guest

This excellent tea is made from trees more than 100 years old in the Wuyi Mountains.

Supreme Wuyi Mountain Oolong 2009

$20 for each guest

This is our high quality Oolong for this year. Sourced from trusted tea makers this hand made tea is very delicate. It slowly registers its taste as the fragrance sits evenly on the tongue. This tea creates a sensation of harmony and relaxation in the body that leaves you feeling healthy and aware. Not as obvious as the other big Oolongs but every bit as good.

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