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Jin Guan Yin (Golden Goddess of Mercy)

$15 for each guest

The plant from which this tea is grown is a fusion of the famous Wu Yi Mountain Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) and Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy). The result is a light tasting Oolong with an exquisite floral aroma.  This is a unique offering from our Wu Yi Mountain tea farmer.

Golden Goddess of Mercy’s dry leaves have a lightly roasted milky aroma that comes from a few hours of baking over charcoal at a low temperature in a bamboo basket. By tradition, this tea is always lightly roasted and this maintains a floral aroma. The brewed tea offers a fresh magnolia fragrance which is very unusual for a rock oolong. The light pure taste has a sweet flavor without bitterness. This tea has a bright amber color, the taste starts light and finishes sweet and complex. The infused leaf appears light green with red edges and much lighter than other rock oolongs

This Jin Guan Yin is a perfect tea for new drinkers to appreciate one of the ancient rock oolong teas. Nutritionally it helps in controlling obesity and it elevates the spirit.

Harvest Time:

April-May (early harvest tea)    Tea Master: Yang Cai Ren

Picking Standard:

zhong kai mian (3 slightly open leaves)


at least 6 times

Mr Yangs High Fire Special Tea

$20 for each guest

This is a smoky blend of Da Hong Pao third generation by Mr Yang from Wuyishan. He is a master tea maker and was a taster and maker for Chairman Mao. He has a gracious and experimental touch. This tea is cured on a very high fire and therefore is robust on the tongue, however, it still retains complexity while wine lovers may pick a hint of shiraz in the aftertaste. This is a tea room special and we doubt you will have come across anything like this before.

Taiwanese Red Tea

$12 for each guest

This is a strong and robust tea of high quality that retains its flavour and finesse over many rounds.

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