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Oolong Tea – Introduction

The best Oolong teas are still totally hand made. It needs great skill from the hands of the tea maker to control the cycles of the fermentation, rolling and roasting necessary to achieve perfection. There has been no degree of automation yet tried that can match the skills of the master oolong tea makers.

Many people who consider them selves to be tea lovers have never drunk Oolong tea. Yet Oolong is a category of tea which can provide some of teas finer and more joyful beverages. The name Oolong translates as Black Dragon and refers to teas that have been fermented,(oxidized) more than green tea but less than black tea.

The healing benefits of Chinese Oolong tea start with digestion and metabolism.

It also helps increase the energy in the body, controls obesity, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and balances aging. Oolong tea can assist hormonal cycles. These teas can also help to slow down and relax the mind, creating clarity of focus and a harmony with the
inner being.

Shui Jin Gui (Golden Turtle)

$40 for each guest

One of the top four teas of Wuyi Mountain. Shui Jin Gui, which translates as Golden Turtle is a strong and rich tea.According to Chinese legends, the Shui Jin Gui tea plant is the transmigration of a turtle god who after a thousand years of meditation and reaching godhood still felt a lack of contentment that his strenuous efforts as Heavens Tea Gardener often went unnoticed. Then one morning he woke to the sound of tea farmers celebrating happily their harvest of the first flush of tea leaves. Upon seeing this, the Turtle God realized
he would be better appreciated as a tea plant, thus he gave up his immortality to become the Shui Jin Gui tea plant. Golden Turtle has a distinct fruity taste and aroma. It has a strong fragrance and the finish lingers on the palette after every sip.  A true treasure.

Tie Luo Han (Iron Warrior Monk)

$40 for each guest

Tie Luo Han is another of the famous four Wuyi rock teas and is believed to be the earliest of them, with historical records dating back to the Song dynasty. The tea bush was first found in a cave (Gui Dong or Ghost Cave) in Hui Yuan Yan, one of the 99 cliffs of mount Wuyi. Legend states that this tea was created by a powerful warrior monk with golden bronze skin, hence the name Tie Luo Han meaning Iron Warrior Monk.This is a strong and rich, slightly smoky full bodied tea that will warm your body and energize your mind.

Premium Tie Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy)

$40 for each guest

This is the top level Tie Guan Yin, richer with an amber-emerald colour and a fine liquor element that reaches all the way to the back of the tongue. The essence is produced infusion after infusion especially when brewed gonfu style.

This premium Tie Guan Yin is definitely a Tian He favorite.and for someone unsure of which Oolong tea or Goddess of Mercy to try, this tea is a superb, however, extravagant place to start.

Unlike normal Tie Guan Yin the dry leaves have a very subtle fragrance. yet once steeped, the lovely orchard like aroma fills the air. Quite transcendent, this tea has a sweet honey note and a hint of a refreshing mild floral aftertaste.

This tea has many nutritional benefits in digestion but importantly may assist in reducing the effects of diabetes by balancing blood sugar levels therefore limiting the craving for sweets.

Royal Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)

$20 for each guest

Da Hong Pao is regarded as the King of Tea. There are only 6 of the original trees left and they are considered a national treasure in China. They are forbidden to be harvested anymore and during the last few harvests, cuttings were taken that have been propagated and grow in gardens below the original bushes .These are the second generation Big Red Robe. Tian He have  access to this garden of Da Hong Pao, and also have access the second picking, so enjoy the blessing of this tea that most people in the world have no chance to savour. This is a multi flavored tea with hints of chestnut and honey that changes every round and finishes silky smooth. Da Hong Pao can be enjoyed for well over 20 rounds. Be warned – this tea can truly be a life changing experience.

Special Winter Oolong

$10 for each guest

This is a winter crop of Oolong tea supervised by Dawei and Armand that has an uplifting nature and velvet caress of the mouth. This tea opens the heart and has a long palette. A subtle treasure.

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