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White Tea

$10 for each guest

Chinese white teas are light and delicately smooth. They are the least processed of any tea undergoing just steaming and drying, therefore remaining close to their natural state. White tea is high in medicinal qualities and antioxidants and has a long subtle palette so can be enjoyed for relaxation and elevation of the spirit.

White tea helps to release the pressure of a long day while dancing in pleasure with the taste buds. We have 2 varieties of white tea, Bai Mu Dan and Gong Mei. A wild harvested organic white. These are fine teas of unique quality and are a great choice to introduce friends to a fine tea experience. Perhaps the most healing of all the teas.

White tea requires great care and effort to produce. Special varieties of the tea bush are selected and tended for several years before yielding their first harvest. Early spring provides the best white tea. When the time is right, the workers carefully hand-pick the silver buds and select leaves.

There is no picking on rainy days or when frost is on the ground. White tea can only be picked for a short time each year, making it rare and precious. The buds and leaves are then steamed and slowly dried. Unlike black or green tea, white tea is not rolled, and only slightly oxidized, making it the least processed tea. This may account for its powerful health benefits.
It may reduce blood sugar and help prevent and alleviate the symptoms of diabetes. It reduces stress and increases energy. White tea has a great range of effects on the body and a tremendous number of health benefits.

Its supreme power is in preventing disease and disorder.

White tea may help protect against cancer, heart disease, and stroke, as well as numerous other conditions including lowering blood pressure.

White tea is antibacterial and anti-fungal. It eases the symptoms of illness and promotes recovery while strengthening the circulatory and immune systems, helps bones and teeth, and builds healthy skin.

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