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Xueju Tea

$15 for each guest

Xueju is a rare chrysanthemum like flower native to the northern slopes of the Karakorum Mountains, some 3,000 meters above sea level on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is in this pristine region with its clean air, long sunny days and wide difference between day and night temperatures, watered by the melting Karakorum glaciers that the rich alkaline soil produces this rare Xueju tea. Its use as a beverage by the local Uygur people was only first reported in 2000 when it began to be marketed and cultivated on a small scale.

The tea is gaining recognition for its caffeine free, low tannin and high flavor content. Its chemical composition differs from the normal chrysanthemum, and is considered to have sufficient micro elements and amino acids to inhibit high blood pressure and high blood sugar. With its unique red infusion color, lingering flower scent and unique health benefits, this is one of the rarest flower teas yet to be discovered.

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